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When our clients approached us, they were initially interested in renovating their kitchen. However, they expressed concerns about investing too much money, as they only planned to live in the home for the next 5 years. They didn't want to splurge on custom cabinets, but they still wanted to enjoy the renovation while they lived in the house. Eventually, they also decided to renovate their master bathroom.

To begin the project, we started by creating mood boards and discussing our clients' preferences. We showed them a range of options and designs that could work for their home, and they were excited to move forward with the renovation. Throughout the process, we kept their budget and timeline in mind, ensuring that we could complete the project within their desired timeframe.

In the end, our clients were thrilled with the results of the renovation. We were able to transform their kitchen, pantry, and master bathroom to better suit their needs and style preferences. Despite their initial concerns about the cost, they were delighted with the final outcome and the improvements it brought to their daily lives. We were honored to have been a part of the process and to have delivered a renovation that exceeded their expectations.

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