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Our client initially approached us after being impressed by the transformation we achieved for her friend's home. She was unhappy with her builder-grade kitchen and wanted to explore options for redesigning the space to better reflect her high-end taste. Additionally, she faced the challenge of a lack of cabinet space to store her extensive cookware collection. Despite the constraints of her kitchen's 14" area between cabinets and ceiling, our client was committed to achieving her desired look without resorting to stack cabinets.

To meet these requirements, we designed a custom solution that included 42" cabinets and intricate, seven-layer moldings that extended all the way to the ceiling. Installing these moldings was a particularly challenging aspect of the project, and it took us several hours of careful planning and execution to ensure that they were installed seamlessly. Despite the complexity of the task, we were determined to deliver the high-end look that our client desired.

Throughout the process, we worked closely with our client to ensure that the final design met her expectations. In addition to increasing storage space, we were able to create a cocktail center and additional pantry space that further improved the functionality of the kitchen. When the project was complete, our client was thrilled with the outcome and the unique, custom design we had created for her space. It was a pleasure to work with her and to achieve a beautiful and functional kitchen that exceeded her expectations.

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