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Over a decade ago, our team had the pleasure of working on a kitchen remodeling project in Manalapan that still stands the test of time. Our client, a passionate Italian home cook, wanted to transform her regular contractor kitchen into a space that reflected her style and love for cooking. With her preferences in mind, we collaborated on a design that would be both functional and elegant.

The first challenge we encountered was choosing the right appliances. While stainless steel was the trend at the time, our client had her heart set on black appliances. We helped her select high-quality, energy-efficient models that complemented the other design elements in the kitchen.

Next, we focused on the cabinetry. Our client wanted something different than the typical white cabinets that were popular at the time. We suggested using a deep stain on maple wood to create a warm and inviting atmosphere. To add visual interest and dimension, we designed stacked cabinets with varying heights and depths. The result was a beautiful and practical storage solution that maximized the kitchen's 9-foot ceilings.

To make the hood area more special, we added custom molding details that elevated the look of the space. We also paid attention to the island area, which served as the centerpiece of the kitchen. We incorporated details that gave the island a unique personality, such as custom lighting and seating.
The end result was a stunning kitchen that our client and her family still enjoy to this day. Our client's love for cooking and entertaining is evident in every detail, from the appliance selection to the intricate cabinetry and moldings. We're proud to have been part of creating a space that has stood the test of time and continues to bring joy to our client's life.

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