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When I met this client, they were a lovely couple in their 70s and 80s, living in a beautiful log cabin on a horse farm. Despite the picturesque exterior, the interior was lacking. The family room was spacious but received harsh sunlight during the day and lacked adequate lighting after sunset. Additionally, the couple had chosen brown walls, floors, and furniture which made the space feel dark and gloomy. As a result, they didn't spend much time in the room and found it depressing.

We began by addressing the lighting issue and added custom carpeting to brighten the space. We also sourced lighter furniture and installed additional lighting fixtures. To address the harsh sunlight, we found creative solutions for window treatments that brought in more color, texture, and softness to the room. The result was a space that was warm, inviting, and more comfortable for the couple to enjoy. What started as a depressing room soon became this couple's favorite spot during the day as well as when they would end up resting in the evenings. 

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